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Want to know how to hire best Android developers?
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How to Hire Android Developers: Interviewing Tips and Sample Questions

Android is currently the dominant mobile platform, with an 87.5% market share and some 1.4 billion users. No wonder then that demand for Android developers is enormous, making the task of locating the best talent a real challenge.

Android is a rich and growing platform built on top of Linux using Java and XML. There’s a wide range of skills an Android developer has to master, including UI, graphics, databases, location services, media playback, debugging tools, and much, much more.

Such complex functionalities may seem quite hard to cover during a single interview. So where should you start if you want to interview and hire Android developers?


¿What is Android?

Android is a Linux-based operating system that was originally intended to be used with a keyboard and cursor to navigate applications. Today, after several updates, it is intended for mobile devices with a touch screen, whether they are smartphones or tablets.

¿Why use Android?

Given its free and open nature, Android allows for the most customization of any OS on the market. For users (current and future) the ability to customize their devices is almost endless, they can install different wallpapers, animations, widgets and skins.

¿What are the devices that use Android?

– Mobiles.
– tablets.
– Watches.
– TVs.
– Tabletop consoles.
– But also portable consoles.
– Laptops.
– Cameras.

¿What are the advantages and disadvantages of Android?

– Android is open source. The main difference between Android and iOS is their code system.
– Wide variety of free applications.
– Diversity and versatility.
– Multitasking system.
– Good usability and customization options.
– Good battery performance.
– Location maps.

¿What are the disadvantages of the Android system?

– Battery duration.
– Complexity.
– Low quality of some applications.
– Vulnerability.
– Lack of update support.

¿What is the advantage of Android being open source?

Android code is open (open source); Thanks to this, anyone can make an application, which allows thousands of applications available for phones to be born thanks to its system, most of them free.

¿How good is the Android 10 operating system?

Among the important differences that this new version presents with respect to Android 9 Pie, stand out, for example, the renewed control by gestures and the expected dark theme for the entire system. And that without forgetting the improvements in the management of permissions, with greater control of privacy and location.

¿What is version of Android 10?

According to Google, Android 10 is the fastest-adopting version of its mobile operating system, reaching 100 million devices in the five months since it was released last September. This represents a 28% faster progress to reach this goal than Android Pie, the previous version.

¿What is the biggest disadvantage of Android?

We describe the main disadvantages: Battery life: as a result of its multitasking system, the battery of its devices tends to consume much faster. External Apps can be downloaded to try to optimize the operation of the device, and also to avoid excessive data consumption.

¿What is Android open source?

The Android Open Source Project maintains Android software and develops new versions. Because it is open source, this software can be used for any purpose, including device development that is not compatible with other devices based on the same source.

¿What is the best version of Android?

This is the top-10: Android Pie – 31.3% Android Oreo – 21.3% Android Nougat – 12.9%