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Looking to hire React developers? We can help you find talented React.js and React Native developers ready to start working on your project.

We’ll set up your React developers and take care of their onboarding and retention while you directly manage the development process and communication with your React development team. We can also find a React.js developer for hire to join your existing in-house team.

Just tell us your requirements, and we’ll find skilled React and React Native developers ready to work exclusively for you sharing your goals and values.


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Reasons to Hire React.js and React Native Developers with WOT Dev

Top tech talent
We have access to hundreds of React developers in Latin America skilled in a wide range of technologies and frameworks. With WOT Dev, you’ll be able to hire React.js developers with expertise in the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, StencilJS, React, Redux, Jest, Flux, MobX, Styled-Components, CSS-Modules, Webpack, Babel, Enzyme, HTML, CSS, SASS, and LESS.

Smart selection
The selection of React and React Native developers will be 100% tailored to your requirements and business needs. You will be able to personally interview, test, and approve each member of your remote development team.

No extra hassle
We set your remote developers and take care of their payroll, retention, taxes, and other administrative hassles. This allows you to focus on your core competencies and managing your dedicated developers.

Budget optimization
When you work with WOT Dev, you don’t need to rent more office space or pay for recruitment and administration activities, which allows you to save your IT budget.

Benefits of Building Apps with React.js

The global React community is growing steadily and introducing new React components and libraries to serve various use cases. This allows businesses to implement their ideas easily while shortening their time-to-market.

React.js uses a powerful reconciliation algorithm called virtual DOM, which makes the process of creating interactive UIs easier. It compares the current page structure with the planned one and updates the right components as soon as your data changes.

React is backward compatible, which means it uses semantic versioning and doesn’t change its interface. Thus, you can upgrade your legacy project to the latest version of React.js without rewriting your codebase.

React.js doesn’t process data and is mostly used for building UIs. That is why it can be easily combined with various state managers such as Flux, Redux, Reflux, Alt and allows applying different patterns of application architecture.